Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Scrap Etc!

We are in Birmingham, Alabama for the Scrap Etc. event! Hope to see some of you here - please say "hey". What an incredible line up of teachers and a chance to spend some time with Allison Tyler Jones and Robin Johnson. Good times! The Scrap Etc store is amazing - decorated and filled with all the latest and greatest. Monique, Jeremiah and their team have been amazing. Kellie has been kind enough to take us around to run all of our pre-show errands. Plus I have to mention that the Wynfrey hotel is conected to the Riverchase Galleria mall?

Off topic...I noticed while traveling here that the airport was particularly busy....it must be the start of spring break. Which makes for some interesting travel and people watching. One bit of advice if you are traveling: don't bring a carry on that weighs more than you. It's really not a good idea, especially if you have to "swim up stream" on the airplane to check your bag.

Daily Grind: Weighed in for the first time on Monday - I am back at my starting weight seven years ago. How depressing. But I am going to get back on the wagon and start counting my points...because that is what works for me. Plus the Weight Watchers online has improved so much!!!! Both Stacy and I did go running last night - tonight it's just not going to happen. It should have, since I didn't do very well on my points. As you can see, given the picture in this post. But it was the most enjoyable strawberry cake from a bakery that is upstairs from Scrap Etc. Must do much better tomorrow.


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