Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to you!

If you have a chance please send a birthday wish to my wonderful mom Kathy - she is celebrating a BIG birthday this year. This is a recent picture of her with my niece Amaya at Easter. Both of them are so cute together!

We spent the weekend together at Rockaway Beach, Oregon - great weather (it was cold but we had blue skies) and relaxing! Just what we both needed.

My Daily Grind

This week was a maintaing week for me. I wasn't very good on the plan, I journaled every day (using WW etools) and I went to the gym every day - that was my saving grace right there. Some days I had to force myself to go but now I am glad because what was a maintaining week could have easily been a gain. But now I am struggling...I need to not eat so much/make better food choices or work out more, easier said than done. So how is everyone else doing out there?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I seem to be only

I seem to be only posting when I leave home and when I come back - three more trips back to back and then it is home for awhile.

Since I have been home for at least a week I was able to catch up with friends for Sunday brunch at the Heathman and a little shopping in downtown Portland. It was one of those great weather days in the Pacific NW - the kind that keep us here and remind us why we live in such a beautiful part of the world! I wanted to post some pictures here but Blogger is not letting me...not sure what is going on here!

I have also been tagged by the wonderful Jeanette to share some favorite blogs I visit frequently:

Rosy Little Things - the very talented Alicia, who will inspire you to do things that you thought were impossible. I started crocheting a ripple blanket because of Alicia! She also has a link to her online store of handmade goodies.

Altogether Too Happy - my business partner and friend Stacy Julian; inspiring, funny and always guaranteed to bring on a smile!

Cause Honey, if it isn't fun, we don't do it - my best buddie Dottie, looks like she is having problems with pictures on her blog too.

Bits & Pieces - have to check in every other day for a little Cathy Z perspective and humor

Angry Chicken - another inspiring blog! makes me want to get out the sewing machine and bake in the kitchen.

Now I am going to tag 3 bloggers to see what blogs they visit daily:

Lisa Damrosch, Carol Wingert, Jen Moody

We are on our way out to Cleveland, Ohio for the taping of Scrapbook Memories. Stacy will have a snipet of time on each epispode - this will start airing in July! If your public television station does not have Scrapbook Memories contact them and request that they air the program.

Friday, April 6, 2007

70 degrees

We are actually we thought a break to river might be a fun afternoon diversion from work. The river is still very cold but the dogs didn't seem to mind. The amazing thing is Jesse has all of a sudden decided that he LOVES the water. This was a dog that would bark from the shore but would not even get his feet wet! Yesterday he was like a retrieving Lab that wouldn't stop.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!

March Madness...

... and I am not talking about basketball! What a month - I was only home for 13 days. My last entry I was coming back from Alabama and then I left for Cabo San Lucas with a stop over in So. Cal for a wedding. Then it was back on a plane headed to London! Home for at least a week and I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Travel Recap...

Cabo was fun – enjoyed the great weather and being by the ocean. But Cabo has grown over the last 13 years and has turned into quite the tourist town. Unfortunately we were there during spring break – I would not want to be in any mother’s shoes with daughters going down there. Everything you think might happen is actually really happening. But Kirk and I had a chance to get in the ocean (which is rare for me), eat great food and see some mega yachts come in. The first yacht is the Meduse (200 ft), which was owned by Paul Allen – not sure if he still owns it though. Then the Apoise came in and we have no idea who owns that one – amazing boats!

The wedding was great - it was in Temecula and the weather was perfect! Ken and Maureen have the best family, we went to their daughters wedding in September and this was their son's wedding. We are always in for a treat when spending time with them!

London was amazing! Scrap Fever event was wonderful, Amy Heavy and her family were all so generous. Amy owns Willow Tree Crafts and organized the entire event. I feel so lucky that Stacy has given me this opportunity to meet so many wonderful ladies. I was really looking forward to meeting Jo and Kay, special gals that I hope to spend more time with in the future. We were able to take a fun class from Allison, anytime I have the opportunity to work with paints I will jump! Once I finish it I will be sure to post the project – hopefully before Mother’s Day since I plan on giving it to my mom.

But the day before the event started Stacy, Connie (Stacy’s mom) and myself went into London to do some sightseeing. The weather was awful but we plowed through ending our day at the London Tower. London has always amazed me – the rich history and the incredibly old buildings. Then on Sunday I hopped on a tour bus that went out to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. I am so glad that I did this – I was skeptical at first, being captive on a tour bus and a 10 hour tour to top it off. But I was not disappointed – if you have plans to go check out Golden Tours. On Monday we were staying closer into town, in Soho district at Hazlitt’s Hotel. Very quaint place and what I pictured to be London. We spent the day on Kings Road – looking for the Designer’s Guild shop. Stacy was on a mission and so worth the walk because we also stumbled on a Cath Kidston store! Our last night was spent watching the amazing production of Mary Poppin’s. You don’t want to miss this – not sure how the US production will be but this one in London is worth the ticket price. Great times!

Daily Grind: well we will find out how I did on these trips when I weigh in on Monday. I am thinking that if there is a loss it will be minimal, "point something". If there is a gain I am sure it will be "whole numbers". But we did do A LOT of walking, which I am hoping staved off anything bad that I consumed. Also on Monday I am going to take my measurements, some of my clothes are loose or actually they are more comfortable. Will be back at it, like most of you after Easter - looking forward to Easter ham!