Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I seem to be only

I seem to be only posting when I leave home and when I come back - three more trips back to back and then it is home for awhile.

Since I have been home for at least a week I was able to catch up with friends for Sunday brunch at the Heathman and a little shopping in downtown Portland. It was one of those great weather days in the Pacific NW - the kind that keep us here and remind us why we live in such a beautiful part of the world! I wanted to post some pictures here but Blogger is not letting me...not sure what is going on here!

I have also been tagged by the wonderful Jeanette to share some favorite blogs I visit frequently:

Rosy Little Things - the very talented Alicia, who will inspire you to do things that you thought were impossible. I started crocheting a ripple blanket because of Alicia! She also has a link to her online store of handmade goodies.

Altogether Too Happy - my business partner and friend Stacy Julian; inspiring, funny and always guaranteed to bring on a smile!

Cause Honey, if it isn't fun, we don't do it - my best buddie Dottie, looks like she is having problems with pictures on her blog too.

Bits & Pieces - have to check in every other day for a little Cathy Z perspective and humor

Angry Chicken - another inspiring blog! makes me want to get out the sewing machine and bake in the kitchen.

Now I am going to tag 3 bloggers to see what blogs they visit daily:

Lisa Damrosch, Carol Wingert, Jen Moody

We are on our way out to Cleveland, Ohio for the taping of Scrapbook Memories. Stacy will have a snipet of time on each epispode - this will start airing in July! If your public television station does not have Scrapbook Memories contact them and request that they air the program.


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