Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scrap Big

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Alpha stickers/rubons & Quickutz

I used to keep my stickers and rubons in the Crop In Style binders - but this is when I had a closet. It worked great, but since moving downstairs I moved all of the themed stickers into the category embellishment drawers, that I shared with you last week. All of the alpha stickers and rubons however, are in the lateral file drawer organized by color. This system has worked out really well for me and I am using WAY more of this product. Again don't forget, if you do want to move to a file drawer make sure the drawer pulls out all the way! Check out the album I just uploaded to see a list of my colors.

Quickutz - who would have known that I would accumulate so much?? HA! I definitely have more alphabets than shapes. My friend Kellie recommended moving from the small QK binders to the larger 3 ring binders (from any office supply store) and using slide protectors sheets (which I can only find at Staples). So now I have 3 binders, 2 for alphabets and 1 for shapes. I keep the new Revolution size dies in the holder that they come in and will tackle that later if I collect more. My Revolution sits in a metal container from IKEA along with some other QK tools.

I will be MIA for the rest of the week - I have someone special coming into town! So do as Jesse would do....


take a break!

Daily Grind: WW was good today! down 1.6 pounds, pleasantly suprised taking into consideration what I ate last week. I am a little nervous though, because I have a bum calf muscle and can't run right now. I am going to try the Elliptical machine tomorrow and see how that goes. Hey does anyone have the WW diet coke cake recipe? I would love to try that out!


Friday, June 22, 2007


Thanks to Stacy I have organized my embellishments in a very liberating way - by COLOR! Each main color is in a drawer - the drawers I am using now are the Sterilite plastic drawers (12.5" x 11.5" x 9.5") I would really like to have some crystal clear ones that are the same size, but I have yet to find them. These are the perfect size for my shelving unit. So as you can see in each drawer is the non-descript color items. The colors I have are black, white, red, yellow/orange, green, brown, pink, purple and blue.

Then for my specific themed items (just like my patterned paper) I have them sorted into theme drawers by categories that I use a lot of. I think these six drawer units are Sterilite also but I am not sure - I can't find a logo on it. I see them at Office Max all the time. See the photo album for the list of categories, I have two of these.

Metal - lots of metal pieces to drive you crazy. What I need to do is start using all of it - what was I thinking? That someone was going to stop producing brads?? So for the fun stuff I found this spice rack spinner at Goodwill and filled the bottles with decorative clips, brads, safety pins (why do I have safety pins?) and other little metal goodies that are FUN to look at. Then all the boring stuff like eyelets and brads are in various sorters. I do have to say out of all the containers for this stuff I LOVE the Craft Mates - I feel safe with this system, since you can only open one section at a time. But all of this type of stuff is stuffed into these blue metal containers that I bought at Target in the boy room section. I hope that eventually I will use all of it and only have one metal container for misc metal. What did I have upstairs? The tilt bins from Home Depot - it worked okay but I felt limited by the size of the drawers and the size of the item. Now it's less organized but I like that I go in looking for a metal frame and come out with about three other things that I can use! Like I said my goal by the end of the summer I am down to one container... the challenge is on!

Paint - I don't have much paint, so it's easy to contain on a 2 level lazy susan that I bought at Target. I like this one since is has a 'guard rail' and a rubber surface so things don't go flying off. I keep everything I need for painting here - paint brushes, foam brushes, palettes and paints.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paper Storage

My first love in scrapbooking is paper - hands down. Patterned, textured, cardstock - I love it all. So imagine my dilema on how to store all of it. When I moved downstairs I purged out all of my 8.5 x 11, the only cardstock that I kept of that size was if there was at least 1/2 ream - because I do use a lot of that size for invitations and cards. My 12 x 12 cardstock at the time was stored in the 'grid' towers by color and the 12 x12 patterned was stored by theme. The 'grid' towers I am talking about were the panels that you could pick up at target and put together to make a paper tower of sorts. But because I was losing valuable space by moving to the room downstairs (lost a closet) I needed to go vertical.

I figured out how much room I needed by measuring out all my paper - yes, after purging I stacked up all the cardstock and measured! This told me how many Cropper Hopper paper storage holders I would need, based on I could fit 4 holders in cubby hole of my shelving unit.

All of my cardstock is organized by color and also most of my patterned paper. To make the cardstock look better - since this is open for all to see. We organized it so it would go from dark to light. This also makes it easy when searching for the 'perfect' color...

Patterned paper - always a hard one. Do you sort by theme? color? company? I do it by all three because that works for me. The non-descript patterned paper like pink plaid, pink circles, pink flowers  - all go in the pink section. Basic Grey, American Crafts, 7 Gypsies - papers with distinct styles are organized by company. But I don't have that many companies I do this with. Then last, I organize by theme. These are themes that I use a great deal of in my scrapbooking - pets, love/wedding, boys, girls, party and travel. Smaller categories like those are put in these and then put it in the paper holder. If the category is big I just use the dividers that the holder comes with.

8.5" x 11", scraps, misc - are all in lateral file drawers. Here my scraps are organized by color and the smallest size I keep in 1/4 page. I also have my 8.5" x 11" that is left over from various projects, idea tear sheets for everything - not just scrapbooking, vellum, photo paper,black cardstock, and white cardstock.

The reason I chose lateral was because before I did have vertical file drawers, big black Hon ones that were perfect but I couldn't take advantage of the top surface space that I needed in this space. What to look for in any file drawer? It doesn't have to be Pottery Barn, believe me, besides the cost there are some other cons to this brand which I will address when we get to my 'work' space. But PLEASE make sure that the drawers pull all the way out. For some reason you pay way more for that feature, but there is nothing more frustrating than scraping your knuckles trying to get to the back of the drawer for paper. Be sure to check out Craigs List for Hon file drawers (this is where I sold mine) - they are the best and will withstand a nuclear war! Also better file drawers will not bend/warp with the weight of paper. Remember that paper is extremely heavy.

Okay and last but not least what about my patterned paper scraps - because I make cards I do keep these and the 1/4 size rule applies here. These are in a 12" x 12" acordian paper holder sorted by color only - doesn't matter theme or company. Keep it simple!

Hope you are all enjoying this - please feel free to link and ask questions. I am kind of doing this backwards but I wanted to give you the details before showing you the overall picture of my room. This way I am hoping that you can use my ideas in your own space and not be distracted by my room size or configuration.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rubber stamp storage

One of the things that I did when I moved my craft room downstairs was purge my stamp collection. I had a lot of Stampin Up! stamps and other stamps that took up 2.5 - 7 drawer plastic drawer towers. I went through and sold all of my SU! stamps on ebay and donated the other ones to Goodwill. Keeping only those that I use for personal or business (invitations) use. This scaled my collection way down and enabled me to organize the way I do today.

I will upload the stamp storage pictures today in an album - this is what works for me!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So where did my banner go? In Safari, it's blank - is anyone else seeing this? But the weird thing is I can see it in Firefox. I have been meaning to transfer everything to Firefox and make it my default browser - not even sure why MAC starts you out using Safari. You can't see everything or sometimes some functions of a website are not active through Safari. More change...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Where have I been...


And what have I been doing? I can't believe it is summer already! But I have been busy with Big Picture Scrapbooking, working on the house (painting), re-doing the studio, learned how to knit and crochet, learning how to cook, and spent time with my family.

Setting up this blog over here at Typepad has been a long process - so many options, I almost thought it was better to stay where I was at because it was comfortable and easy. But here's to change! I also learned (from the talented Kayce) how to make my own blog banner, I just love that I know how. I feel like a digital scrapbooker playing with layers! LOL!

Painting rooms in the house - my husband thinks that the rooms are actually getting smaller with the layers of paint on them...he's crazy. I re-painted my pantry/laundy room and guest bathroom Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore. It is my favorite yellow of all time - bright yet understated. Then the guest bedroom was repainted Wedgewood Gray (also by BM) and it is my all time favorite blue. I know the name says gray and that is what it looks like going on - I FREAKED out just a little when it looked like wet cement, but knew better to wait until it dried. I love it, it reminds me of the coast. Which is the theme in that bedroom! Then I tackled the master bedroom and master bath. The master bathroom is Copley Grey - very dark, reminds me of staying at the W hotel or I just need new tile and need to do something with the wood cabinets, and while we are at it new shower door. The master bedroom which is pictured above is Alaskan Skies, almost white but not. I like to change out our bedding so I went for a neutral color this time. This color brought a lot of light in the room which we wanted to take advantage of having southern exposure. But with any small update brings other BIG updates - you change the paint, then you have to change the flooring, change the flooring you might as well change your window coverings... yikes.

I plan to give you full picture updates on my studio - it has gone through a major furniture move and I will share detailed shots of how I ogranize things. I always like to see the details so I am going to give it to you!

The Daily Grind has not gone away - I still doing WW, not very successful but I am still going to the meetings. I lose 2 pounds one week and gain 1 pound back the next. I definitely think that my daily excercise keeps the extra gain at bay. And like most of us I plan on getting back to it this week...after I have a piece of rhubarb pie! ;)