Friday, June 22, 2007


Thanks to Stacy I have organized my embellishments in a very liberating way - by COLOR! Each main color is in a drawer - the drawers I am using now are the Sterilite plastic drawers (12.5" x 11.5" x 9.5") I would really like to have some crystal clear ones that are the same size, but I have yet to find them. These are the perfect size for my shelving unit. So as you can see in each drawer is the non-descript color items. The colors I have are black, white, red, yellow/orange, green, brown, pink, purple and blue.

Then for my specific themed items (just like my patterned paper) I have them sorted into theme drawers by categories that I use a lot of. I think these six drawer units are Sterilite also but I am not sure - I can't find a logo on it. I see them at Office Max all the time. See the photo album for the list of categories, I have two of these.

Metal - lots of metal pieces to drive you crazy. What I need to do is start using all of it - what was I thinking? That someone was going to stop producing brads?? So for the fun stuff I found this spice rack spinner at Goodwill and filled the bottles with decorative clips, brads, safety pins (why do I have safety pins?) and other little metal goodies that are FUN to look at. Then all the boring stuff like eyelets and brads are in various sorters. I do have to say out of all the containers for this stuff I LOVE the Craft Mates - I feel safe with this system, since you can only open one section at a time. But all of this type of stuff is stuffed into these blue metal containers that I bought at Target in the boy room section. I hope that eventually I will use all of it and only have one metal container for misc metal. What did I have upstairs? The tilt bins from Home Depot - it worked okay but I felt limited by the size of the drawers and the size of the item. Now it's less organized but I like that I go in looking for a metal frame and come out with about three other things that I can use! Like I said my goal by the end of the summer I am down to one container... the challenge is on!

Paint - I don't have much paint, so it's easy to contain on a 2 level lazy susan that I bought at Target. I like this one since is has a 'guard rail' and a rubber surface so things don't go flying off. I keep everything I need for painting here - paint brushes, foam brushes, palettes and paints.


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