Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paper Storage

My first love in scrapbooking is paper - hands down. Patterned, textured, cardstock - I love it all. So imagine my dilema on how to store all of it. When I moved downstairs I purged out all of my 8.5 x 11, the only cardstock that I kept of that size was if there was at least 1/2 ream - because I do use a lot of that size for invitations and cards. My 12 x 12 cardstock at the time was stored in the 'grid' towers by color and the 12 x12 patterned was stored by theme. The 'grid' towers I am talking about were the panels that you could pick up at target and put together to make a paper tower of sorts. But because I was losing valuable space by moving to the room downstairs (lost a closet) I needed to go vertical.

I figured out how much room I needed by measuring out all my paper - yes, after purging I stacked up all the cardstock and measured! This told me how many Cropper Hopper paper storage holders I would need, based on I could fit 4 holders in cubby hole of my shelving unit.

All of my cardstock is organized by color and also most of my patterned paper. To make the cardstock look better - since this is open for all to see. We organized it so it would go from dark to light. This also makes it easy when searching for the 'perfect' color...

Patterned paper - always a hard one. Do you sort by theme? color? company? I do it by all three because that works for me. The non-descript patterned paper like pink plaid, pink circles, pink flowers  - all go in the pink section. Basic Grey, American Crafts, 7 Gypsies - papers with distinct styles are organized by company. But I don't have that many companies I do this with. Then last, I organize by theme. These are themes that I use a great deal of in my scrapbooking - pets, love/wedding, boys, girls, party and travel. Smaller categories like those are put in these and then put it in the paper holder. If the category is big I just use the dividers that the holder comes with.

8.5" x 11", scraps, misc - are all in lateral file drawers. Here my scraps are organized by color and the smallest size I keep in 1/4 page. I also have my 8.5" x 11" that is left over from various projects, idea tear sheets for everything - not just scrapbooking, vellum, photo paper,black cardstock, and white cardstock.

The reason I chose lateral was because before I did have vertical file drawers, big black Hon ones that were perfect but I couldn't take advantage of the top surface space that I needed in this space. What to look for in any file drawer? It doesn't have to be Pottery Barn, believe me, besides the cost there are some other cons to this brand which I will address when we get to my 'work' space. But PLEASE make sure that the drawers pull all the way out. For some reason you pay way more for that feature, but there is nothing more frustrating than scraping your knuckles trying to get to the back of the drawer for paper. Be sure to check out Craigs List for Hon file drawers (this is where I sold mine) - they are the best and will withstand a nuclear war! Also better file drawers will not bend/warp with the weight of paper. Remember that paper is extremely heavy.

Okay and last but not least what about my patterned paper scraps - because I make cards I do keep these and the 1/4 size rule applies here. These are in a 12" x 12" acordian paper holder sorted by color only - doesn't matter theme or company. Keep it simple!

Hope you are all enjoying this - please feel free to link and ask questions. I am kind of doing this backwards but I wanted to give you the details before showing you the overall picture of my room. This way I am hoping that you can use my ideas in your own space and not be distracted by my room size or configuration.



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