Saturday, July 7, 2007

Crazy week of July 4th


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What happens when 4th of July falls in the middle of the week? The week just goes by in a blur! Two concerts, two parties, 3 pre-parties, and let's not forget to fit in the everyday stuff of working, dog caring, etc. Thank you for the weekend.

But no summer is complete without going to a Chris Issak concert. Jenny and I were trying to figure out if it is just that he is so adorable OR adorable, has an incredible voice, great sense of humor, and down to earth kind of guy?? It's all the above. I have had the chance to meet him twice - the first time was to get the drum sticks that Jenny got from the drummer, Kenny Dale ... not sure how it all happened but we were in the "pit" and all of sudden Jenny  found me all excited with a pair of drumsticks!!! She is amazing! The concert was at the Edgefield Winery, which is an amazing place to see/hear  a concert.

On the 4th of July is was all hands on deck to get ready for our get together - temperatures in the triple digits was making me nervous...NW people are not used to this kind of weather!

  • Picked up BBQ from Big Lou's, in Camas, Wa. Which btw, is the best place to get Texas BBQ in the NW, and what an incredible guy! Lou called us the next day to see how everything went. Good ol' fashioned customer service - LOVE it! If you are local pay him a visit.

  • Tested out our new margarita machine. Which I saw in William Sonoma but purchased from Costco - at about $100 less. Even my husband, who doesn't drink loves the machine for shaved ice! Fun for the whole family - but making margarita's is a little tricky and takes time perfecting with this machine. I actually prefer mine on the rocks but the machine is a social thing! I did buy the mix from William Sonoma - I think it's the best key lime margarita I have had so far.

  • Hanging paper lanterns in the back. I found these colorful lanterns at CostPlus/World Market for under $10. I also picked up some smaller ones that have lights that run on batteries - they don't get very bright so it's just for ambiance. The big colorful ones are not on the website - might be in store purchase only.

  • Backyard was pretty much done and ready to go - Kirk just had to do one more dog poop pick up and we were good to go. I am also looking at hanging some bamboo shades like this, in the backyard. This could have helped with the blazing sunlight but just didn't have enough time. Maybe this weekend?

  • Traeger Grill was ready to go. This was Kirk's Fathers Day present and he loves it - he has mastered hamburgers, steak, and pork chops. He wasn't ready to move on to the big meat yet. The key to this grill has been his inexpensive digital remote thermometer by Weber.  But you can't beat the Traeger for that smoky goodness!

We had a great time with friends and family - it was mellow until the sun went down and the pyromaniacs came out. Our house backs up to the neighborhood park and every family from a 2 mile radius congregates to watch and partake in lots of noise. It is amazing to us what you can buy at the fireworks stand now - some of these things are professional grade pyro-stuff! As in the words of Jenny - "these are adult fireworks!!!" It was also fun to drag Aleta and Nathan out of the city and into suburbia hell. And yes ladies that is not a mistake on the link for Nathan...yes, he owns one of the best shoe stores in Portland, Oregon and I KNOW him!!! He is working on launching a new website and will keep you posted when it launches. And our great neighbors Suzanne and Leon came just in time for frozen margarita's and Lou's BBQ. My niece Amaya was busy most of the day pretending to be a dog - can't blame her when there are three of them running around the house. She loved the dog door and loved Jesse's cat house (from IKEA) - she is a riot! Speaking of dogs - my dogs didn't mind the fireworks at all - in fact they wanted to chase them, which I think is much worse. But there is a picture of Amos by their 4th of July outfits passed out...just how we felt after the night was over.

Thursday was a work day - it was quiet but it was a much needed catch up day. Then it was back out to the Edgefield for another concert, Allison Krauss and Union Station. You might know the music from "O Brother, Where Art Thou"  - Dan Tyminski was the voice of George Clooney singing "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow". Allison Krauss has the most amazing voice - check her out on her website or at iTunes.

Friday was "me" day, once a month I make time for just me, by myself. It usually includes my facial, mani/pedi and a little shopping - I had time to relax before appointments, so I went into Starbucks for some China Green Tips tea. (I gave up coffee all together about a year ago) And found some fun and colorful drinking straws that you can re-use! This will be for the margarita machine Saturday night...but have you ever checked out the "The Way I See It" quotes on the coffee cups? I always love reading those, sometimes I am in such a hurry everyday I forget to look. This one says:

"There is a great deal one can learn from their parents. One is eating your vegetables. It's not that your parents are getting you to eat them, it's that they are teaching you that not everything in life is going to be sweet." David Warstler, Starbucks customer from Ohio.

So one last BBQ tonight at Suzanne's and then tomorrow I am going to lay low and maybe read (reading a fantastic book that Allison recommended: Helen of Troy by Margaret George) and crochet some more of my "ripple" afgan, but hopefully it will be spent in my backyard under the umbrella, not sipping a margarita... :)


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