Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finally the end of July

I have finally come to the realization that July is a crazy month for us. We have an anniversary, 4th of July, my birthday, friends visiting, family functions, work functions, and just the day to day every day stuff! I was telling my friend Jill the other day that July ranks right up there with December. But at least next year maybe I can control the chaos, since most of it I create on my own.

We were able to take a day trip up to Astoria, Oregon. Yes, this is where the film Goonies was filmed and Kindergarten Cop. I had not been up there in several years but heard rumors that they were making improvements to the downtown area and my interest was peaked by Alicia. I always need to remind myself to get out and spend more time in the beautiful states we live in. We took Amos with us since it was his birthday too. But did notice that Astoria hasn't fully embraced dog lovers and we were limited to the stores we could go in. The restaurant had no problem with him though - he loves fish and chips.


We couldn't have asked for a better day - in fact it was cloudy/overcast in town and blue skies here. This is the amazing Astoria bridge, I think it may be longest on the West coast but I am not sure.


And here is the last working covered bridge in the state of Washington - Grays River covered bridge. This bridge was in amazing shape - it had been restored in  1988-1989 but it was first built in 1905. It was a fun little stop and Amos enjoyed a dip in the river.



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