Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Makes me angry and sad

Update! Thank you for all your support with this - Nike is suspending Michael Vick's line. Rawlings has actually ended their relationship with him as with Upper Deck, Donruss, Rebook, NFL retail, Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. Now it's up to our court system.

WARNING: I am getting on my soap box...very random and probably poorly written.

One of my passions is animals and to stop cruelty to animals. It sickens me to see what is in the news of late - I have been watching this case unfold over the last few days in regards to Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick. It angers me that because he is an NFL superstar he might be un-touchable. But I am hoping that the judge will have the balls to charge him, it's only 6 years max.

I also feel that the Atlanta Falcons team has totally coped out by their press release. It is unfortunate that what is more important is winning - because winning means more money. But don't they need happy fans attending their games?

It also seems that this Michael Vick has had many problems in the past - why isn't the team psychologist saying anything? Let's see... accused of rape, knowingly spread herpes, rage in an airport, cruelty to animals ... I think there have been enough studies that have shown that many of these attributes would constitute a PSYCHOPATH, pathological and known serial killers!!!

Another disappointing blow comes from his largest endorsement: NIKE. Here is the latest from them on this issue. Granted they are waiting to see how everything pans out, but why not suspend him for the time being? Here is the statement from their PR: "There is no change in the
status of the agreement between Nike and football player Michael Vick;
he is rightfully presumed innocent and afforded the same due process as
any citizen, rather than be tried in the court of public opinion,"
wrote Erica Pedreguera, Nike's public relations manager, in e-mail sent
to the AJC
While I understand her/their position, and even if he was not actively involved in the dog fighting, it was still his property and his responsibility. But the last time I checked NIKE - your business relies on public opinion, we are your customers. I actually don't buy anything NIKE, so there is no heart loss here and based on this poor judgement of PR, I will most likely NOT be buying anything that is NIKE.

Here is a link to tell NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell how you feel.


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