Tuesday, July 31, 2007

True talent

Can't even begin to describe Allison. I am not one to be easily brought to tears but the photographs that she has taken of my family are absolutely amazing...AMAZING! This is not something that some class taught her or because she has a big heavy camera with lots of lenses - it's because she has an eye for it. She has this innate ability to really know her clients and capture their personalities. I am truly thankful that she took time in her busy schedule to come up here and spend time with us. For those of you who live in AZ - you are so VERY lucky.

The first photo shoot was of my sister's family and then the women in our family. Click here to view!

And this is what I mean about capturing personalities - unfortunately this one didn't turn out because I am sure Allison was cracking up! But you can see the rest of them here.



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