Monday, August 20, 2007


I have a lot of things on my mind of late, and it's not scrapbooking or Big Picture. To be specific; breast cancer. My best friend Dottie has breast cancer. Even with all the negative things going on at work, at the end of each thought brings me back to Dottie. Dottie, my best friend with breast cancer. She is going to be a survivor - yes, she is.


Often people ask us "how are you two friends, she is 20+ years
older?", then one day we sat down at the end of one our trips together
(it was a trip to Sedona, AZ) and listed our similarities and
differences. Dottie put together a mini album titled "the keys to our
friendship".Here are some excerpts from the album:

    Some of our differences (keep in mind this was 2004)

  • size 2 and size 12

  • diet coke and diet pepsi

  • good sleeper and bad sleeper

  • Dixie Chicks and Enya

  • Night driver and day driver

  • Good eyes and bad eyes

  • real teeth and great caps

  • west coast dresser and east coast dresser

  • patient and impatient

  • intolerant and tolerant

  • Kate Spade and Botega Venetta

    Some of our similarities

  • Love to travel

  • Love dogs

  • Ability to see, do and move on

  • Good food

  • The F-U-N criteria

  • Organized and list makers

  • Don't split hairs

  • hotel snobs

  • Little warped humor

  • Read each others minds

  • Shopping

  • Enthusiastic and Energetic

  • Same expectations

One of the quotes that she included in the album really captured our friendship..."with a good friend, there is a comfort zone like none other, where sharing even silence can be a pleasure." Please send your thoughts and prayers her way! All of mine and good energy goes out to you girlfriend!

Don't forget to get your mammograms and do self breast exams, standing up and  laying down!


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