Friday, August 10, 2007

Mind + Body + Soul

Some would say that I have gone over to the dark side or I am going 'woo-woo'. This is an expression used by my lovely husband when describing people who are into crystal reading, I will come back to this comment.

What have I gotten myself into?? YOGA! and I LOVE it. After searching around I found a great yoga studio that is about 15 minutes from my house called Satsang yoga. They not only offer yoga, but special yoga 23tworkshops and also Pilates, which I hope to start soon. I didn't want to post about this until I was at least 3 weeks into it and at least give you all an honest opinion. I have been going for 3 weeks straight, 4 days a week for an hour Flow class. Here it goes:

  • Yes, you should take an in person class for at least 3 weeks. I think the DVDs are great but you need to have the basics down so you know that you are doing your positions right and have someone correct you. If you are not doing the positions right you may not see the results you want or hurt yourself. This is why I love the small studio that I go to...but I think once you have practiced the positions you could do this at home.

  • Yoga studios - you don't need a yoga studio, but just make sure that the instructor knows that you are beginner and will need help adjusting. Be sure to check out your community centers or local community college. I looked into these places but when I went to the classes they were HUGE with no personal attention. My gym only offered their yoga class at 9:30am, which is too late in my morning.

  • Yoga instructors - I think they probably range in appearances. But don't let this intimidate you or think they are a bunch of hippies teaching crystal reading. Do find someone that is well trained and I also think it is important for any yoga practice that they be genuinely POSITIVE and emit that positive energy.

  • Almost anyone can do this - and you don't have to be flexible. That is why you are going to Yoga! After just a week of classes I notice a difference in my physical well being. Since I sit at a computer all day my shoulders and neck are always messed up - after a week I learned how to alleviate this. 

  • The flow class that I am taking links your breathing with your movement. I didn't realize that I really don't breathe deeply during the day - I am surprised that I actually get any oxygen at all!

  • I go in the morning right after I do my cardio workout. It has been a great way to start my day.

  • Some of the benefits that I have noticed is I am more relaxed, more aware, energized, and my appetite has been curved. The other HUGE benefit that I have noticed...I have lost or maintained at WW weigh in for the last two weeks.

If you are interested you might want to pick up this magazine or this one.

Now the reason why my husband is saying I am on the verge or joining the 'woo-woo' group is because I bought a salt lamp. I had my doubts in the past but there were a couple of people in the class and Dana the owner of the yoga studio that swears by them. Off I went to Wild Oats to check these lamps out - I figured I had nothing to lose if it really didn't work, because the lamp was actually pretty cool looking! I am only on day two of having the salt lamp in my studio, so I will give you an update in a couple of weeks.



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