Monday, August 13, 2007

Portland Bridge Pedal

Our big activity for the weekend was the Portland Providence  Bridge Pedal - what an amazing turnout, over 20,000 people! Because there were so many riders it made for VERY slow riding. We spent most of our time walking our bikes. But there was a little thrill ride on the 405 hwy going up to the Markum bridge - I felt like I was 8 again with no fear and no breaks...then about half way through I came to my senses reminding myself that I am 37 years old and have my dog on the back of bike...I need to slow down! But just for that short moment - it was a true thrill.

We went with our good friends Odus, Tracy and their two boys, and our good friend Jack. Both dh and I were sporting our new bikes. This was my birthday present from dh this year. It is the Amsterdam Electra bike - I wanted something old school with nothing fancy to complicate my life. It has pedal breaks and 3 gears. Yes, the basket is for the dogs! But only one of them will actually fit
in it and that is Amos. He was so good and stayed in the basket the
whole time. During the 'thrill' ride dh said his ears were flopping in
the wind!


1. Bridge Pedal, 2. bridge pedal, 3. Amos @ Bridge pedal, 4. bridge pedal, 5. Bridge pedal, 6. Bridge pedal, 7. Bridge Pedal, 8. Amos @ Bridge pedal, 9. P1000066.JPG, 10. P1000070.JPG, 11. P1000071.JPG, 12. P1000072.JPG


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