Thursday, August 2, 2007

Remember 1/4" seam...

I decided to take some time and get back to sewing - I am not very good and my sewing talents are limited to very easy items. One of the things I enjoy about sewing or quilting is buying the fabric! Over the last several years they have come out with some amazing designers. I decided to try out this simple bloomer pattern and make some cute bloomers for my niece. I found this fabric with apple and pears on it and they turned out pretty cute and so easy to whip up! I need to take a picture of her in them -


I am also working on some skirts, yoga mat bag (for another post!), these hairclip things...I figure if I am going to bring out my sewing machine I might as well make some use of it!  Plus sewing is very relaxing for me and it takes my mind off of stressful things, because I have to concentrate on what I am doing.

Daily Grind: this hasn't gone away, the FAT is still here! LOL. I am still maintaining at WW, doing the elliptical right now instead of running, and I just started YOGA. That will have to be it's own post, soon I promise. But back to the elliptical - my right foot is in pain. It could be several reasons:

  • I am carrying too much weight and causing plantar fasciitis.

  • I have been wearing not so good shoes; from flip flops to high wedges and heels

  • I slipped and fell in a restaurant back in April and injured it then?

What ever it is I am getting it checked on the 7th. It fortunately has not deterred me from going to the gym - I find that the elliptical when set right can give me a pretty good work out. Then after that I head to my yoga class. But the one thing that I have not changed is my eating habits. If I could just eat less and would solve all my problems right?? ;) Hope you are all doing well and hang in there with me!


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