Monday, October 22, 2007

6,881 miles (11075 km) away


That is how far away Auckland, New Zealand is and where I will be flying to on November 4th. WOW!!! Actually our first stop is Sydney, Australia and we arrive on November 7th. This is all because of the wonderful people at Crafting Connection! They have put together a wonderful event that includes Stacy, Wendy Smedley and Renee Pearson. Big Picture Scrapbooking has really given me so many opportunities to see the world and meet people that I otherwise wouldn't have, for that I am very grateful.

This trip has also given me and my hubby an opportunity to finally go on a honeymoon*! He will be meeting me over in Wellington at the end of my trip with the group. We are then flying over to Christchurch to start a tour with this outfit Active NewZealand - who I highly recommend! They have been amazing to work with.  They are going to be taking us around the whole south island and off the beaten path. The trip that we chose was the RIMU. After reading our itinerary you can see why I have been so freaked out about working out...hubby must be really freaked out since I just gave him the itinerary last weekend. Those of you who know him understand why I did this last minute. He has assured me though that his heart rate gets to an optimum level when he is on his dirt bike, so he should be fine. Notice we are mountain biking for one day on this trip - not dirt biking!

*Honeymoon - yes, we did get married in Maui and we were there for two weeks. But we were there with 40 of our family members and close friends. Not really my idea of a honeymoon.


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