Monday, October 15, 2007

Music illiterate

Really I am - at least compared to my husband. It is one of the many things that he finds endearing about me. Let me explain. I like music that I can sing to in private and the history of different genres of music hasn't really interested me. Yes, I understand how much the Beattles or Nirvana influenced artists today, but that is about as deep as I go. I like all kinds of music - except really hard punk type rock. I am also the exact demographic that iTunes loves, I love to buy singles most of the time. As my husband says I don't appreciate the compilation of the songs on the album - he says it like reading a book...I guess I am just not there yet.

I am sure that when his friends in the music world meet me they are dying to roll their eyes. But Sunday night we went to see Bob Mould at the Doug Fir in Portland. He is more famously known from the band Husker Du and Sugar. It is definitely nothing that I would have listened to. His music now though is something that I can appreciate. I can also appreciate his candid views on the music business. That is what it is a business and in this day and age of digital technology we have to remember to value the content that is being distributed.

So if you get anything out of this blog post, it's to listen to new music and try something different. You might be pleasantly surprised. And also that my husband is definitely the more 'hip' one of us.

Here are a few songs/artists to check out:

Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriela

Teddybears (album Soft Machine)

Allison Kraus

Liz Phair

Franz Ferdinand

Chris Isaak

Dar Williams

John Gorka


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