Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It is amazing how time flies by. It seemed that I was enjoying 80 degree weather just a couple of weeks ago and now I am sitting here with boots, jeans, ls shirt and sweater on. I think the NW late fall early winter is already here. The wind kept up most of the day and the rain just started about an hour ago...on Sunday I don't think the rain stopped! My best friend Dottie is going to be landing in about 45 minutes and I hope she wore socks - being from Florida (Tampa) you don't need socks that often.

This is the first time I will be seeing her since her diagnosis. We planned this visit months ago - we are going to attend Art & Soul here in Portland. But that is what I love about Dottie - she powers through difficult times and makes the best of it. We plan on taking it easy and playing each day by how she feels. It will just be good to spend time together.

So what have I been up to the last three weeks? After returning from Creative Escapes it was just go - go - go. Speaking of Creative Escapes...I can't say enough about that event. Worth your time and money for sure - be sure to apply for the lottery registration. All the teachers did such wonderful job and Allison WOW, what can I say? She was fantastic - goose bumps fantastic! And it was fun just being able to take classes this year - Kayce joined Stacy and I for a great weekend too! Here is a picture of us, with me in my new Amy Tangerine shirt. LOVE her stuff. Sorry, my white balance was way off at the resort in AZ, I couldn't get it to work right...



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