Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spending time with a true friend

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though you are slightly cracked ~ Bernard Meltzer

Dottie and I had a great time this past week and it just flew by! Wednesday we started out our day with registering at the Art & Soul event and picking up our schedules. Dottie was able to meet in person some of the gals in her fat book swap at breakfast and I got to see first hand how this whole swap thing works. Once again I am amazed with the talent that is out there. Then it was off to yoga for me and a massage for Dottie. I knew we would need this since we would be in a class all day on Thursday and on Friday.

Dottie is doing great! She looks good and has such a strong will. Her new look makes her look like a movie star...see her blog for the story. She is a trooper and it was just good to see her. My plan is to see her again in February.


After her massage and a much needed nap we headed to an up and coming neighborhood in Portland on Alberta Street. Our first stop was Collage Arts, which is a fantastic corner store filled with so many mediums of art supplies. The gals were helpful and I found some scalloped copper tape for soldering there! Then we headed to Poppy & Ivy - which is the cutest vintage home and gift store. Which is owned by the delightful and talented Amy Hollands. I had heard that she opened a store but totally spaced it and the even more weird coincidence was that my long time friend Tawny was working there. Tawny is one of those friends that I don't see very often but when we do see each other we pick right back up! Of course I couldn't leave without buying some vintage fabric. Then we headed down the street to Close Knit, this store just makes you want to knit! And the owner (I forgot her name) is so helpful with lots of ideas and suggestions. So both Dottie and I fell in love with this black and white striped beret and planned on working on it over the weekend...more on this later.


Thursday was our first class at Art & Soul was with Janet Cooper making Century Crazy Quilts. I had never worked in this medium before (this was not quilting with a sewing machine, this was using a glue gun!) and it was almost like being back in art school. As we progressed we had to do critiques discussing composition, color, and object choices. It was really interesting. I brought stuff that my grandmother had given to me in the past, she has since passed away and the 'stuff' was just sitting in boxes. So now all I have to do is print out pictures of her and this will be my mother's Christmas gift!

Our second class on Friday was with Keely Barham making a Found Object Frenzy Bracelet. This was a fun class since I would like to spend more time making jewelry. It has taken a back seat over the last two years and I miss it. But we actually made and finished this wild bracelet! It was really interesting to see all the other students bracelets and what objects they chose or color scheme they did. My bracelet turned out a little too chunky but I think it will be a fun piece to wear.


Saturday was filled with two estate sales and a visit to Monticello antique store. The highlight of the day was the vendor night at the Art & Soul event. If you ever have a chance to go to this vendor night - public can go to this - bring your cash, check book and credit card! I am always on the lookout for original artwork and this was like a candy store. My first stop was Sally Jean - I have always been impressed by her quality of soldering and the art inside each piece. I was able to pick up some of her original art pieces and looking forward to wearing them soon! My next stop was Misty Mawn, I have admired her work and had no idea she was going to be there teaching. I am so glad that I was able to buy one of her pieces - they were going fast. My last purchase was with Lisa Kaus, who is a local artist! I had no idea - but I loved her "suitcase boxes" and the piece I purchased is going into this wall collage I have planned for upstairs. After all that I told Dottie we HAD to go! :)


Sunday and Monday were relaxing days spending time together and knitting...about knitting, this is something that I dabble in. I knitted a few hats but nothing of 'substance'. I am still working on my ripple afghan (crocheting) but with each project it takes me about 50 starts to really get going. I don't know what it is, but I have to get into some kind of groove, but until then I have to take things all apart and start over again. I was driving Dottie nuts! But we had some good laughs. If you are interested in this beret pattern email me - I will tell you the tips! The pattern is by Louisa Harding in the Accessories Collection book. We are not using her yarn, we chose Rowan Pure Wool DK.



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