Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween exhaustion

This guy was ready for it to be over when the 2nd group of kids came!


As usual we had plenty of trick or treat kiddos - loved all the costumes. I gave some of the older kids a hard time when they came in their football uniforms. Come on, how much creativity did that take?? One kid came as the haunted picnic table - that was brilliant. Saw lots of Harry Potters and Spidermans...and lots of girls dressed as what looked like hookers to me, but I guess they were naughty cheerleaders and witches??? What is up with letting a young teen girl dress as anything 'naughty'??? Definitely the wrong message is being sent there. Yes, I have conversations with all the kids that come to the door. Hubby is always afraid that we are going to wake up to a TP'd house...hmmm maybe next year I will dress Selby up in sexy lingerie and call her a 'naughty' dog!

Now I am in full throttle ahead - tying up loose ends and lists everywhere! I am hoping by Sunday I will just be able to enjoy the day and spend time with hubby and the dogs. That is goal at least.

Have you checked out the 3 classes that started today??? WOW - you still have until this Sunday to register! Both Kolette Hall and Lisa Damrosch have inspiring classes to get you started for the Christmas holidays and Lisa Cohen will get you started on a Wellness Journey. I will be joining in along the way and getting back on my daily grind. Click here to check them out!


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