Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am alive!

I have not forgotten to post about my amazing trip - that line item on my list just gets pushed down over more important things. But I am making progress, like uploading my photos to iWeb! This is new to me so we will see how it goes. Not to mention that I decided to upgrade to iLife 'O8 when I got back. Not a good idea when I still had to do some organizing in the old iPhoto. But I am okay now and loving the iPhoto! So keep on checking back for my New Zealand post.

I (we) have been extremely busy in all aspects of life. Christmas has been scaled back to gifts, cookies, elf costumes and a 6 inch tree I picked up a Wild Oats. Gifts are almost done and ready to wrap, cookies are done and eaten, elf photo shoot is complete (see the new banner) and the tree doesn't need decorating.

Big Picture Scrapbooking is going to be launching some amazing classes in January. If you haven't checked them out be sure to! We have been busy getting ready for these new classes to launch and also planning for upgrades in 2008.

Whew - if you need any last minute gift ideas here are a few that I just had to pull out:

Strider Running bikes - I wish we would have had one of these 10 years ago when hubby was teaching our friends' son how to ride a bike without training wheels. This was a recommendation that bought one for his grand-daughter and has rave reviews. Yes, Amaya will be getting one in bright pink. The bike is so light that shipping costs nothing and they are quick to send out. Not much to put together either!

Give Yourself - Time is something that we all wish we had more of. If you could give some of your precious time to someone else that could be the best gift ever. Some ideas: Babysitting, organizing, cook dinner, clean...Make up gift certificates (using up some of that EXTRA craft supplies I know you have) and call it: Living Good.

Photography - have you checked out Shutterfly lately?? Calendars, mugs, books and more! Not sure what the shipping deadline is but you may be able to squeeze something in. I have also bought a bunch of cheap frames from Target and put in a picture, altered the mat with various rub-ons or put the rub ons right on the glass...quick, easy and done!

Fruit and Candy from the Fruit Company - this is a family owned business based on a working orchard in Hood River Oregon valley. The attention to detail and packaging cannot be missed here. This is a great idea for anytime of the year!

And I cannot forget - Big Picture Scrapbooking gift certificate! :)

Daily Grind: blah - was, (yes, was) in great shape when I came back, but fell right back into my old ways.I haven't even had the energy to go to yoga and I miss it. So I have lots of resolutions going through my head - just need to get them on paper.


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