Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just lately...

what have I been doing? It seems like I have been chasing my tail ever since we came home from our trip to New Zealand. Maybe I am longing for the slower pace of the kiwi life?? I have just been off - then I got sick with what ever everyone else had. Lived in a drug induced state for about four weeks. Celebrated Christmas, welcomed in the New Year and now February is right around the corner. So what have I been doing? Have you ever felt like you are just chasing your tail and not getting a single thing done? I have managed to post a picture each day - except did you notice that I have problems with Wednesday's? What is up with Wednesday's?

Here are some things off my home checklist:
Finally hanging my canvas in the stairway. It definitely cheers up that area - walking up and down the stairs and each time seeing my happy furbabies! And since I had all of my hanging picture tools and supplies out why not tackle the art work of Eli Halpin that we have had for three years! I love Eli's style - She used to live in Portland but moved to Maryland (?), not sure. She has a website here. The five crows was done on an old window sash - this is now hanging in my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen/dining room/great room is ORANGE. It has been this color for 5 years, my favorite in the entire house and it's the one color that I haven't grown tired of.

Then there was a sunny day on Sunday! Chilly but sunny - so my mom and I gathered up the dogs and headed down to the river to do a four mile walk down by the industrial park in Camas, Washington. If you live in the area and haven't seen what they have done - it is pretty amazing. One long trail going both East and West along the Columbia River and the you never lose sight of Mt Hood. Here are all the dogs on one of the benches...


The nutritionist is coming to the house tomorrow. We are going to have a chance to discuss my assessment and she is going to go through the kitchen. I am a little freaked out but I also want her to see the 'real' us and tell me what I need to work on changing. So far I have felt better in the last 5 days just changing some small things in my diet. I am also back at yoga - boy have I missed that.

Daily Grind: Just when I think...

I am getting it all together it's back on the airplane I go! I actually love to travel, but I also like to be home doing home/routine things. My travel schedule over the next couple of months looks pretty scary but at the same time all new adventures! I plan on taking my iPod that has my yoga on it and also take all my running gear - even though it takes up too much room and I may have to check my bag. I just don't want to fall off what I have started. The nutritionist has given me a lot of ideas of what to eat on the road and what to take with me. I am feeling pretty confident - I will be sure to give an update after the house visit.


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