Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cocoa Daisy Night

Last Thursday I took a last minute trip down to Eugene, Oregon for a crafting night with these gals. It is about a two hour drive from my house - but I was ready to get away from my computer! I just wanted to do something fun. Hubby was out of town and the weather was actually beautiful for a drive south. Plus I invited Amber (the ribbon jar), who I have wanted to meet for some time.

The night was hosted by the amazing Jill - her house is gorgeous and no detail left undone. I, of course brought my camera but was too busy talking and crafting to take pictures. So the pictures I do have are not very good and I need to learn how to take better ones in low light or get one of these.

Tricia of Cocoa Daisy brought the crafty goodies and Ali provided the idea. I would recommend that you go to Tricia's site right now and purchase this kit. All of us who went to this event have put the project on our blogs so I am sure it is going to sell out! I have always enjoyed Cocoa Daisy kits - they are well put together and the 'education' behind it is so good. And I was introduced to a product that I have never seen before: Hambly Clearly Heavy overlays. And Ali showed us how to use the KI Memories lace paper!  Below are pictures of my completed album (yes, I have completed an album!) and go to Ali's to download the directions and check out Amber's.


I skipped the stitching because I was too lazy to bring out the sewing machine




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