Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Catching up...

Trying to catch up before I head out again to see my best friend Dottie. Anxious to see her and spend time with her!

*Dottie is back in the hospital with pneumonia - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!


But there is a ton of housekeeping things to do - signed up for the random drawing of the Nike Women's Marathon. I signed up to do the half marathon - I have mixed feelings about getting drawn in the lottery. Do I start training now or wait until I really know?!! LOL! Is anyone else planning on doing this? Let me know!

Laundry - until I get a set of these, laundry is just not FUN. At least that is what I told the hubby yesterday as I showed him pictures of the candy apple red ones. His reply: "So this will make laundry FUN for you?" I of course replied: "yes, and it will make it a happy time" ... he rolled his eyes. But because he suffers from major allergies this set may be in the bag for us because of the steam cleaning feature. Until then laundry is another task that awaits my attention.

Emails, work stuff, picking up the house, going through mail ... you know those little things that take so much time to do!

My southern Cali trip with hubby was a good - we stayed at the Surf & Sand in Laguna Beach. Amazing view and I just loved keeping our patio open all day and night to hear the ocean and feel the crisp ocean air. Definitely one of the perks to being a 'corporate wife'.

We took his client up to Rodeo drive to see how the 'other half' lives, this place is always good for people watching. I also talked hubby into standing in line at the Sprinkles cupcake store in Beverly Hills.


It was absolutely worth the 30 minute wait! We bought a dozen (we shared!) hubby picked out the red velvet, milk chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. While I love the red velvet for the cream cheese frosting the vanilla and chocolate ones had the super moist cake. I see that one will be coming soon to Seattle!

Then on Sunday everyone
went home and we headed down to La Jolla for another night. One of my
favorite places in California! We even were able to see baby sea lions
- and the weather was perfect for walking around.



Will check in when I am in Florida - thanks for stopping by!


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