Friday, May 30, 2008

Blythe Dolls

Can anyone tell me how I go about getting one of these dolls??? I really want one - and I am so confused! Can I buy one in the USA or do I need to have someone buy me one? I would really like one that has dark hair. I have looked on eBay and definitely do not want to pay $300 for one - but if anyone out there knows the process or collects them please contact me. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What started out simple...

Unleashed a whole can of worms over the weekend. The weather wasn't the best for heading out of town so we decided to stay home and I decided to purge and re-arrange my office.

Because of this purge I am doing a mini virtual garage sale!

Books listed on

As I clear more out I will list those items that are for sale.

This big scrapbooking cabinet went to my mom's. It was placed to the left of me and I always felt that it was encroaching on my computer work space. I also never used it to scrapbook or sew on (it has a pull desk) so my mom snatched it up for her craft room.

It is now replaced with a PB/IKEA work top -  the base is the PB Bedford  3 drawer cabinet and the top is the IKEA Galant desk top. This is where I can spread out my work, sew, and make jewelry. Kind of an all purpose work space. Since the cabinet is gone it has created much more 'AIR' in here. But I also needed to come up with some other storage solutions. IKEA to the rescue!
More pictures to come - music Tuesday is on hold...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Music Tuesday - James McMurtry

James McMurtry is probably one of the most musically gifted artists of this genre. His lyrics are expansive and paint such a vivid picture it is like reading a book - the characters are rich and he can create a sense of place. Whether you envision a family reunion or with someone you love you can actually see this in his songs.

You can hear two favorite songs: Levelland and Rachel's Song

Gorgeous Weather


We have been having some gorgeous weather the last few days! Some people are complaining of the heat but remind yourself of the seven months of wet and cold we have endured. Just two weeks ago we had our heat and fireplace going - it's MAY! But like with all good things they must come to an end - tomorrow they are calling for a storm and we will be in the 60's. So I have been taking advantage of this weather and worked on the yard - getting the sprinkler system up and running, trimming a few bushes back, planting, finding the perfect hanging baskets for the front and so on.



This year we are trying something new for flea control - Nematodes.
Microscopic worms that eat flea larvae. This is not an inexpensive
solution but it is worth a try. I am also going to try Diatomaceous
earth. Apparently it is a kind of organic powder but when a flea goes
through it, it shreds them - like walking on glass. We don't want to
give the dogs Frontline
anymore. We usually only put it on during the flea months but noticed
that Selby's health has improved 110% since she has not been on it at
all. We are also spraying the dogs with Zap Spray
every morning. I am hoping since we started this early that we don't
have a problem - we haven't in the past (knock on wood) but don't want
to take any chances! Especially since we have this little guy visiting us:


So between the yard work and introducing microscopic worms into our yard I had a well spent weekend outside!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New addition...

unfortunately not to our house. This little guy belongs to my mom and his name is Sammie. And yes, he is full of PISS and VINEGAR - but how can you resist those green eyes??? Sammie is a chocolate long hair miniature dachshund. He is from a breeder here in Washington and does have some Auslagen in him. Auslagen is the line that my three come from.

This is when she first brought him home back in March:

And this was just a few weeks ago:

Love having a puppy around - but this has showed me that I really don't NEED another one. In our little home and our travel schedules it just wouldn't be fair. Hubby doesn't read my blog on a regular basis so I can put this out there. I ask him at least once a month for another one - they are like Dorito's, you just can't have one!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Music Tuesday - Lucinda Williams

Carrying on the Americana music theme started last week with Kathleen Edwards I thought I would share another of my favorite artists of the genre. What's Americana you ask? I can best describe it as a little bit of rock, country and folk music all in one.
Lucinda Williams is one of the original progenitors of the genre and has been an inspiration to other artists. Passionate Kisses is one of my favorites along with Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is where we were at the end of April visiting Kirk's parents up in Signal Mountain. This was my first spring in TN and I have to say it was quite pleasant - I have been there in August and I thought the humidity was going to KILL me. And also in the winter when sheets of ice were coming down. In the springtime it reminds me of the NW - very green, a little rain and sun.

I already told you about the amazing concert we went to so let me tell you about some of the other fun stuff to do forewarned - this could impact your pocket book!

Sundays - Go to the Chattanooga Market! From noon to 5pm - there are some of the best independent artists showing and selling their wares. Plus if you have a craving for Possum there is a BBQ place for that and believe me the line was LONG!


My first stop was at Bungo Glass, Shawn and Meghan do some of the most amazing boro glass pendants that I have seen. I bought one of the smallest ones I could find and some of his smaller beads to incorporate into my own jewelry.


As I rounded the corner to another booth I spotted these handmade albums. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship could be seen from afar. Of course the one with the US map on it caught my eye - maybe for all of my travel pictures?? Check out her site and download her catalog.


My next precious find was this small ceramic wall hanging - I had seen it in a gift store earlier in the week. So I took that as a sign plus having the opportunity to buy it right from the artist made it even more special. Denise Shropshire is the artist and her etsy store is here.

And how about this skirt! I wish she had a website or sold on etsy but she is a one woman show - so the only place I know that she is selling is at this market. Her line is called Forget-Me-Knot handmade clothing and her name is Erin Burnap. I could not go home without this addition to my closet - not sure my stylist is going to like it but since I LOVE it she will make it work.


My trip also included stops at the Knitting Mill Antiques and all the new renovated areas of downtown Chattanooga. Plus I was able to spend time with Bud Weiner - he is the sweetest boy! Yes, almost everyone in our family has dachshunds - it actually started with my in-laws.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Music Tuesday - Kathleen Edwards

lly uploaded by Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards is new to me - hubby bought us tickets and I am really looking forward to hearing her live. You can listen to some of her tunes on her site

So far what I like about her the most is her desire and commitment to partner with other musicians to create her vision of music. Love people working together instead of competing - we need more of that!

Hubby wanted me to add this:

Check out this video: Kathleen Edwards "Back To Me"

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Concert season

The concert season for us has started with a Bob Mould concert back in March. Before I start with the concert series, you have to remember that my husband is the music geek of the two of us. He appreciates musicians with pure talent and creativity - I however just enjoy a tune that I can sing with in the car (horribly) and know all the words or at least think I know all the words. Probably one of the many things he finds enduring about me.

I have to say in the two times that I have seen Bob Mould in concert I have enjoyed it. It is a little over the top and loud for me, but there isn't a song I didn't like.


When we were in Chattanooga last week we went to the Alison Kraus|Robert Plant concert. WOW - if this duo is coming to a town near you RUN to get tickets. This was an amazing show and I have to say Alison Kraus's voice powered over Robert Plant's. Amazing renditions of Led Zeppelin songs and also one of my favorites of Alison Kraus's "Down to the River to Pray".

Upcoming concerts: (not in order)
Foo Fighters
Chris Isaak
Jack Johnson
Kathleen Edwards

I hope to bring back Music Tuesday next week!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!


Had some time between conference calls and errands to get these fun little pansies out for May Day! And what great weather we had for it - in fact my eyes had a hard time adjusting to all the bright light. I even squeezed in a quick walk with all three dogs. Yes, it was an insane undertaking but Selby really wanted to go and hubby was gone, so all three were leashed up. At first I thought about turning around - they were OUT OF CONTROL! All the training just didn't exist - but who could blame them, they have been basically locked up in the house for the last seven months. I need to get better about walking them in the rain...ugh. But one thing that I learned from Stacy, is you just do it. It gets better and in the end you are glad you did it.

Here are some shots from our walk - I think this is some kind a crab apple fire tree...

The view from above - I couldn't find my leash component that keeps at least two of them together. On the other hand they actually hate the thing - someone is always dragging the other one around.


Dogwoods are finally blooming - I have three in the backyard, two of which are blooming.


Cherry blossoms have always been a favorite of mine


Lots of other people out enjoying the weather - we actually knew these two! So it's always nice to visit in the sunshine.