Friday, May 2, 2008

Concert season

The concert season for us has started with a Bob Mould concert back in March. Before I start with the concert series, you have to remember that my husband is the music geek of the two of us. He appreciates musicians with pure talent and creativity - I however just enjoy a tune that I can sing with in the car (horribly) and know all the words or at least think I know all the words. Probably one of the many things he finds enduring about me.

I have to say in the two times that I have seen Bob Mould in concert I have enjoyed it. It is a little over the top and loud for me, but there isn't a song I didn't like.


When we were in Chattanooga last week we went to the Alison Kraus|Robert Plant concert. WOW - if this duo is coming to a town near you RUN to get tickets. This was an amazing show and I have to say Alison Kraus's voice powered over Robert Plant's. Amazing renditions of Led Zeppelin songs and also one of my favorites of Alison Kraus's "Down to the River to Pray".

Upcoming concerts: (not in order)
Foo Fighters
Chris Isaak
Jack Johnson
Kathleen Edwards

I hope to bring back Music Tuesday next week!


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