Monday, May 19, 2008

Gorgeous Weather


We have been having some gorgeous weather the last few days! Some people are complaining of the heat but remind yourself of the seven months of wet and cold we have endured. Just two weeks ago we had our heat and fireplace going - it's MAY! But like with all good things they must come to an end - tomorrow they are calling for a storm and we will be in the 60's. So I have been taking advantage of this weather and worked on the yard - getting the sprinkler system up and running, trimming a few bushes back, planting, finding the perfect hanging baskets for the front and so on.



This year we are trying something new for flea control - Nematodes.
Microscopic worms that eat flea larvae. This is not an inexpensive
solution but it is worth a try. I am also going to try Diatomaceous
earth. Apparently it is a kind of organic powder but when a flea goes
through it, it shreds them - like walking on glass. We don't want to
give the dogs Frontline
anymore. We usually only put it on during the flea months but noticed
that Selby's health has improved 110% since she has not been on it at
all. We are also spraying the dogs with Zap Spray
every morning. I am hoping since we started this early that we don't
have a problem - we haven't in the past (knock on wood) but don't want
to take any chances! Especially since we have this little guy visiting us:


So between the yard work and introducing microscopic worms into our yard I had a well spent weekend outside!


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