Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!


Had some time between conference calls and errands to get these fun little pansies out for May Day! And what great weather we had for it - in fact my eyes had a hard time adjusting to all the bright light. I even squeezed in a quick walk with all three dogs. Yes, it was an insane undertaking but Selby really wanted to go and hubby was gone, so all three were leashed up. At first I thought about turning around - they were OUT OF CONTROL! All the training just didn't exist - but who could blame them, they have been basically locked up in the house for the last seven months. I need to get better about walking them in the rain...ugh. But one thing that I learned from Stacy, is you just do it. It gets better and in the end you are glad you did it.

Here are some shots from our walk - I think this is some kind a crab apple fire tree...

The view from above - I couldn't find my leash component that keeps at least two of them together. On the other hand they actually hate the thing - someone is always dragging the other one around.


Dogwoods are finally blooming - I have three in the backyard, two of which are blooming.


Cherry blossoms have always been a favorite of mine


Lots of other people out enjoying the weather - we actually knew these two! So it's always nice to visit in the sunshine.


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