Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New addition...

unfortunately not to our house. This little guy belongs to my mom and his name is Sammie. And yes, he is full of PISS and VINEGAR - but how can you resist those green eyes??? Sammie is a chocolate long hair miniature dachshund. He is from a breeder here in Washington and does have some Auslagen in him. Auslagen is the line that my three come from.

This is when she first brought him home back in March:

And this was just a few weeks ago:

Love having a puppy around - but this has showed me that I really don't NEED another one. In our little home and our travel schedules it just wouldn't be fair. Hubby doesn't read my blog on a regular basis so I can put this out there. I ask him at least once a month for another one - they are like Dorito's, you just can't have one!



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