Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What started out simple...

Unleashed a whole can of worms over the weekend. The weather wasn't the best for heading out of town so we decided to stay home and I decided to purge and re-arrange my office.

Because of this purge I am doing a mini virtual garage sale!

Books listed on half.com

As I clear more out I will list those items that are for sale.

This big scrapbooking cabinet went to my mom's. It was placed to the left of me and I always felt that it was encroaching on my computer work space. I also never used it to scrapbook or sew on (it has a pull desk) so my mom snatched it up for her craft room.

It is now replaced with a PB/IKEA work top -  the base is the PB Bedford  3 drawer cabinet and the top is the IKEA Galant desk top. This is where I can spread out my work, sew, and make jewelry. Kind of an all purpose work space. Since the cabinet is gone it has created much more 'AIR' in here. But I also needed to come up with some other storage solutions. IKEA to the rescue!
More pictures to come - music Tuesday is on hold...


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