Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily Blog Roll

Posie Gets Cozy - Alicia Paulson
This is the one and only blog that I visit on a daily basis - bordering on stalker. I have had the pleasure of meeting Alicia in person when she had a store front here in Portland. Some day I hope to have lunch with her!

{A} - Ali Edwards
Inspiration to create - that is what Ali's blog gives to me every time I visit. Love her attitude - love that she can 'hang' with anyone. Respect her for the dedication that she gives her family, lots of balance in her life.

Bits&Pieces - Cathy Zielske
My go to place for humor - I get it! Gotta love hearing it like it is - taking it all in with the good, swearing, and not being PC. There is no sugar coating here.

Life in Color - Amber Garrison
Amber is the type of friend that everyone needs - honest, FUN, hysterically funny, REAL and if you don't get it at least visit the blog for grandpa stories!

The Art of the Moment - Allison Tyler Jones
UBER (not sure if that is a word) talented photogrpaher and whom I call one of my best friends. You know the type that you don't have to talk all time but when you do it just clicks. I trust her with anything - she is for REAL. Most likely one of the reasons she can capture so much feeling in her photos.

I'm just a girl - Margie Romney Aslett
Just had the chance to really spend some time with Margie back in Feb 2008. Yes, she is just as cool as you think she is - even cooler.

The Pioneer Woman
Don't know her but her 'how we met' story will have anyone captivated! Along with life on a REAL ranch, doesn't get better than that.

A Passion for Scrapbooking, Decorating & Shopping - Jeanette Stieringer
This gal could be my long lost sister - not only in looks but in style. I am sure that we have some of the same clothes in our closet! She has also become a very close friend -

Crafty Storage - Paula Pascual


Pretty Paper, True Stories - Shimille

A View of Lisa's World - Lisa Damrosch

Jessica McDougall

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