Friday, June 13, 2008

Elinor Dashwood

You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility!
You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.

So the little free time that I have had between working and getting my office back in shape I have been watching chick flicks with a Jane Austen theme. It wasn't on purpose but that's how it happened! Starting with the Jane Austen Book Club. VERY chick flick, Grigg Harris (played by Hugh Dancy) was my favorite character. When he shows up with the big book of all the Jane Austen's novels that had me tickled. Made me think of when Kirk and I were dating and he wanted to go to a Creative Memories party with me...yes, he came with pictures and was ready to crop ladies!

The next movie was Becoming Jane - loved the story, even though most are saying that it is not true. Not one of my favorite characters for Anne Hathaway. Not sure who it could have been but she has done better.

Both movies has inspired me to pick up and re-read some  Jane Austen novels, first up is Sense & Sensibility. Fitting since the quiz I took above said I was most like Elinor Dashwood...

The sun is finally out here in the Pacific NW - hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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