Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aleta!

We celebrated my dear friend Aleta's birthday on Saturday with great people, good food and good stories! Nathan was BBQ extraordinarie and Jenny the host with the most. Birthday girl  is in the picture below on the far right. Jenny (far left) is telling some story... Jean thinking that this is CRAZY woman...

Jenny again telling some story....

And my attempt at a s'more pizza - which was DELICIOUS!!! Get a pizza pan - layout the graham crackers, lay out the Hershey's chocolate and top with jet puff marshmallows. Put in the oven (sorry can't remember the temperature) and watch, VERY important to watch this thing. wait for the marshmallows to get puffy and the chocolate to get a little melted - then broil to brown the marshmallows. Take out immediately or you will have a FIRE! Enjoy and be messy -


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