Monday, June 23, 2008

Music Tuesday

Something fun from my cousin:
Create the soundtrack of your life - Set your iPod to random shuffle and fill in the blanks below as each song comes up. No cheating! It actually makes for a great play list -

Opening Credits: Thirteen - Mary Lou Lord
Waking up: Don't you think I feel it Too - Shawn Colvin
Falling in love: Indianapolis - The Bottle Rockets
Fight song: Black Cat Bone - House of Freaks
Break up song: On a Sea of Fluer de Lis - Richard Shindell
Making Up: I ain't ever Satisfied - Steve Earle
Life's Okay: Happy When You're Sad - Tommy Keene
Mental Breakdown: The Passenger - Iggy Pop
Driving: Lazy - Richard Shindell
Flashbacks:Take Me to the Bank - The Bottle Rockets
Happy Dance: Confusion - New Order
Regret: Way of Life - New Order
Final Battle: Take back your letters - Tommy Keene
Death Scene: I'm not from here - James McMurtry
Final Credits:
Hold My Life - The Replacements


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