Monday, July 14, 2008

Music Tuesday

Hoping to get back on track before I leave for CHA on Wedsnesday...This Tuesday's music topic was suggested by Kirk. What are your 'a ha' songs? Ones that immediately captured your attention because they were perfectly crafted to your music taste. The kind of song that gets stuck in your brain.



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      Sunday, July 13, 2008

      39 reasons to be HAPPY

      Yes, I will be 39 today - amazing in itself when I can look back on so many instances (albeit fun at the time) that were not entirely safe! I am really looking forward to knocking down 40's door - I think for me turning 40 is such a milestone.

      Here in this house we celebrate birthmonths and not birthdays - gals you should really pick up on this! It's just an excuse to celebrate for more than a day. My birthmonth just has a lot to celebrate: anniversary, 4th of July, and my birthday. This is a packed month of getting together with family and friends and traveling a bit. Today I am off to have the furbabies pictures taken by this famous gal!

      39 Reasons to be HAPPY right now (in random order after the top 10)

      1. I am alive - kicking and screaming
      2. I live in the USA - freedom is a wonderful thing
      3. My husband - WONDERFUL man that he is
      4. My family - crazy, but I love them all
      5. Friends - not many but true and fun
      6. Furbabies - our joy in life
      7. My job - two successful businesses, can't beat that with a stick
      8. Sunny, blue skies and over 70 degrees
      9. Our house - a little 'cottage' in suburban hell
      10. Apple Computers - need I say more?
      11. Hummingbird feeders
      12. Watching my niece grow up and experience new things
      13. Planting new flowers in the garden
      14. Brightly colored card stock
      15. Lots and Lots of photos
      16. Fun memories of my best bud Dottie
      17. Pine Cone Hill and Sferra  bed sheets
      18. IKEA 15 minutes from my house
      19. Being able to travel to faraway places
      20. Barn sales
      21. Memories of spending time with my grandparents
      22. Going to the Oregon coast - smell of ocean and bonfires
      23. Flea markets
      24. Finding dog hair in the oddest places
      25. Eating dinner at home at the dining table
      26. DQs Girl Scout thin mint blizzard - hurry, it's only available for a month
      27. Sleeping in
      28. Going to the mountains
      29. Learning yoga
      30. Watching classic movies with someone who is 13
      31. Red Scooters
      32. Handmade jewelry
      33. New friends
      34. Happy hour - chopin & soda
      35. Living in the Pacific NW - besides the rain it's a wonderful place
      36. Monthly girls lunch - standing date every month
      37. Books - lots of books to read
      38. Ability to create
      39. Me - being myself

      "The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day. She did not intend on being one of them." Leigh Standley

      Friday, July 11, 2008

      Blogging from my iPhone

      How cool is this!

      edit: I have the 'old' iPhone - I just installed all the software updates and also the new Typepad feature so I an update on the road more easily. I am not going to be upgrading the phone anytime soon - loving the old one too much!

      Thursday, July 10, 2008

      please email me Kacey

      The Kacey from my complaining post - I have surprise for you! :)

      Off to the Foo Fighters concert tonight - I am hoping to sneak in my camera for a 'little' friend of mine...LOL!

      Hope you are enjoying your Thursday-

      Tuesday, July 8, 2008

      Fastest Wiener on the Coast

      Yes, Amos has done it again! 1st place in the Rockaway, Oregon Dachshund race. It was a great 4th of July celebration and what a great way to celebrate his 6th birthday. Amos is the black and gray one on the left...

      We had a relaxing weekend with friends - filled with good food, laughing and finally finishing the Twilight book! This was actually my first time spending the 4th of July at the Oregon coast - we usually stay home or go to Hood River, Oregon. Well little Rockaway did not disappoint! The parade was fun with our good friends and their grandkids participating...

      I have to say that most small towns really know how to put on a firework show too. Put away the camera to enjoy the evening so no firework pics this year. On a side note, our dogs LOVE fireworks - not kidding. Selby actually likes to chase them, which is a serious problem! The other two will sit and watch them, sometimes I wonder what they are saying. Thanks for stopping by!

      Friday, July 4, 2008

      Tuesday, July 1, 2008

      Happy Anniversary!

      photo by Allison Tyler Jones
      8 years ago we were in Maui getting married! How time flies by - love you more and more each day.