Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fastest Wiener on the Coast

Yes, Amos has done it again! 1st place in the Rockaway, Oregon Dachshund race. It was a great 4th of July celebration and what a great way to celebrate his 6th birthday. Amos is the black and gray one on the left...

We had a relaxing weekend with friends - filled with good food, laughing and finally finishing the Twilight book! This was actually my first time spending the 4th of July at the Oregon coast - we usually stay home or go to Hood River, Oregon. Well little Rockaway did not disappoint! The parade was fun with our good friends and their grandkids participating...

I have to say that most small towns really know how to put on a firework show too. Put away the camera to enjoy the evening so no firework pics this year. On a side note, our dogs LOVE fireworks - not kidding. Selby actually likes to chase them, which is a serious problem! The other two will sit and watch them, sometimes I wonder what they are saying. Thanks for stopping by!


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