Monday, August 4, 2008

Flugtag - Portland

First I will start with our very interesting experience at the Red Bull Flugtag... as with any large people event you are bound to come across some very interesting characters. Most are very interesting, very few are as rude as this man - I am going to call him Portland's #1 IDIOT.

Why is he an idiot? Well we went with some friends to this event and one of them is in a wheelchair. So Red Bull had a specific section reserved for the handicap. Which was very nice and in a great location - as long as you were not in a wheelchair and in back of this guy. This man happened to be on the other side of the fenced area, using the fence as support. My friend politely asked him to sit down so she could see. He REFUSED - yes, people he REFUSED. So he stood there with his ass in her face refusing to move or sit down. He asked her why she couldn't move. Why didn't everyone in the section beat the living crap out of him?? It crossed our minds but it's not worth it - he is an IDIOT and lives his life like this everyday. So if you see him around town tell him you saw him on my blog!

Okay on to the fun stuff - because we can't let an IDIOT like him spoil it right??!! If you ever get the chance to see one of these events do try to go. But please plan for big crowds - I think Portland had over  80,000 people down at the waterfront area. The teams in this competition were absolutely amazingly uber creative and the showmanship was on fire! Some of our favorites were:

Space Balls - yes, that is Pizza the Hut

Team Lego had the best costumes!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!


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