Friday, August 22, 2008


The SUN has come out today! There have been a few days that looked like summer was over for us - down pours and cooler temperatures. But today is a gorgeous blue sky day - looking forward to spending some time in it once I am finished up with work.

Jack Johnson concert - not sure I would go see him again in the rain, I would much prefer his home town of Hawaii. He does put on a good show - the people that were in attendance were cracking us up. A great deal of them were drunk, stoned or both. Lots of women SWOONING over him. There was one guy next to us that was clearly IN love with him too - I have to say he is pretty cute. :) I have also decided that I need to learn how to use my point and shoot in low light settings. I must be doing something wrong because I cannot get a shot to save my life. Does anyone know a good resource?? Here is a pic from my iPhone

The rain held off for most of the concert - but we skadattled before the end.

Daily Grind. I am doing good on the eating front - but the exercise is not happening, no excuses just being LAZY. We have two parties this weekend and I am planning ahead so I don't put myself in a bad situation. I am going to eat a salad with shrimp before we leave. That way I am not so hungry when we arrive. At least that is the PLAN. ;)


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