Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesday -.2

That was my weight loss over two weeks. I would much rather have this than +.2, so I will take it. What were my hurdles:

  • Going to the fair and making poor choices
  • Going to the coast and drinking most of my calories
  • All the above with no excercise
  • equals -.2
Today in the meeting we talked about goal setting. How important it is to set long term and short term goals. My long term goal with Weight Watchers is ultimately weight loss and being healthy. It helped to work on their storyboard format

The long term goal is to be healthy at 115 pounds. I have been there before and it was the perfect weight but I didn't feel healthy. So what are the baby steps:

  • Understand my habits and manage them
  • Be at goal weight in two to three weeks
  • Be in the present moment - be joyful
  • Plan the details - meals, snacks, and excercise
  • One to two pounds a week - lose it slowly
  • Make better choices
Hope everyone is doing well! Off to the Jack Johnson concert - if they haven't canceled it yet for the winter weather we have been having...JOY! :)


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