Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy week - no music Tuesday

We have so much going on this weekend - not sure if it's poor planning or we just needed to do these things right now. This is a long post with pictures...

But first let's just start with last weekend - both Kayce and I had a great time at the Come Play in Eugene event. This gal is the hostess with the MOST. Gorgeous house and just a welcoming spirit.

Here are a few shots that I took from her studio:

And Tricia was there with goodies from Cocoa Daisy, Emily of course is a wonderful treat - so cute! and I spent most of the time looking through Ali's new book. This is on my top ten list! Here is our group shot from Saturday:

The next day we woke up before DAWN (it was dark out) and headed north to the Coburg Antique Fair. Both Kayce and I found some treasures and did a pretty good job filling up the Mini. Here's a picture of some of my finds...

Found some great vintage fabric - even one with dachshunds on it!

Then it was home and get ready for new floors. And before anyone gets their panties in a twist about me having new flooring installed in my house let's just preface...we have been in this house for nine years with three dogs that like to have pee pee parties AND remember my husband happens to be in the flooring business. So yesterday was moving furniture day... and stuffing everything into either the guest room, guest bath, his office or my office, and the garage.

Hopefully by Friday I will have new floors and furniture will be back in place - because Kirk's birthday party is Friday night! That is the poor planning part.

Daily Grind. Are you still with me? Kayce and I did some damage on Friday night at the local Sausage Fest - we couldn't resist the elephant ear. Kayce had never tasted one so we HAD to get a couple - yes, I said a couple because I don't share my ears.

Enjoy your day!


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