Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally put together

After 'camping' out for a week - we now have gorgeous wood floors and newly carpeted stairs! We are very happy with our choices and are thrilled with the look it gave the room. I am on the hunt for some new bedding - looking for linen colored or possibly linen duvet cover. Leaning towards linen colored since the real thing will be a nightmare with the dogs.

The stair carpet is Suva in Peninsula.

Getting ready to leave on Thursday for the much anticipated 'girls' trip to Tucson. I am counting down the hours and minutes for my flight at 6:00 AM. I won't be posting at all when I am gone, in fact I will be somewhat unplugged from technology most of the days I am down there. Plan on coming back relaxed and revived!

Daily Grind. Okay I was doing good Weds, Thurs, and Friday day - then we had Kirk's birthday party, where I brought in Larson's birthday cake. No telling how many points in a slice of cake. But I was doing good with the journaling up until the weekend. Now I am back on track with journaling. So for all of you Chipotle lovers out there, did you know that a burrito bowl is 23 points??? yikes. LOVE the carnitas burrito bowl.


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