Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Weigh In

I was thinking that maybe I should do a Thursday weigh in post instead of a Wednesday post. For some reason I just can't get to it after my morning meetings! The good news is that I am 1.4 pounds DOWN. This comes as a total surprise since I had a birthday party, being sick and a four day wine tasting trip. I was sweating this weigh in. Here are some things that I may have done right:
  • Had breakfast
  • Light lunch
  • When dinner came around I ate what I wanted, but the portions were controlled
  • lots of water
Notice there is nothing about exercise? Well I just haven't made time for it. My yoga is down to twice a week and the poor dogs have not been on a walk in over a week. The weather has been cool but absolutely gorgeous - so no excuse there. I need to start scheduling it in my calendar and having it 'ding' at me. Maybe because my desk looks like this

It could be part of the problem! I really don't work well when my desk looks like this.

Fall is definitely here in the Pacific NW - it is my favorite time of year. Changing colors of the leaves cool temperatures and bright blue skies.



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