Friday, October 24, 2008

True Blood

I am hooked and consumed with True Blood, the new mini series on HBO. So much so, I have all the books that the mini series is based on and I am plowing through them! The books are by Charlaine Harris called the Southern Vampire series. There are a total of eight books, I am currently on book seven, All Together Dead. These books are pure entertainment - if the Twillight series left you wanting a little more adult content, then you are going to LOVE reading them. Lust/love, violence, dry humor, southern living, twists and turns.

The actual show is pretty racy, but if you are familiar with Alan Balls work (American Beauty and Six Feet Under) he really does this series justice. Of course having this eye candy in the cast helps!

If you don't have HBO, start reading the books while you are waiting for the DVDs to come out!


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