Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Under the weather

On of the perils of traveling is always the chance that you will come home sick. Well after being on my first cruise (and my last) I had a feeling being around 2500 fellow cruisers that I was bound to catch something. Since Sunday I have been taking Advil Cold & Sinus, Airborne, Thera Flu (at night), using my neti pot and drinking LOTS of tea. As you can see - my desk is in shambles and I have had a hard time concentrating on some important business stuff. Since I was lacking concentration and somewhat 'hopped' up on cold medicence last night I thought I should complete my one week assignment from Cathy Zielske's class Design Your Life.

This is one of my balance layouts - I am so thrilled that 1) I have two finished layouts and 2) that I am using some VERY old product out of my stash! If you are not signed up yet be sure to do so before Wednesday, 8th 10:00 pm PDT!


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