Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight - what did you think?

Well I was entertained - I guess I didn't go into it with higher expectations than that. I have been listening and reading all the reviews of the movie and I find it pretty amusing.
  • First - Stephanie Meyer's books are very compelling. Sometimes translating that to the screen can be difficult - there was so much detail that was not covered in the movie but if it did it would have been four hours long. I think those of us that have read the books would appreciate the movie more than those that have not read it.
  • After the premiere of the movie there were several negative comments about the actors and actresses and how their acting lacked emotion...okay people, have you ever hung out with a teenager for any length of time? They are NOT complicated human beings yet, (they may THINK that they are) they are at their simplest. Teenagers may be confused, and that is exactly what came across in the movie for me. I wasn't going to the movie to see the next Oscar award winners... 
  • It was pretty cool seeing all the areas of where I live! There were a bunch of shots of the Columbia River Gorge. The one where they are in the trees is a spectacular view point down the gorge looking East from Hwy 14 on the Washington side.
  • The Cullen family was well cast in my opinion. Carlisle was pretty hot, he is played by Peter Facinelli (who is married to Jenny Garth). Edward, I will have to admit at first I was like "the kid from Harry Potter?" Robert Pattison had big shoes to fill and he did a decent job. 

So I probably won't see it again in the theatre - I will probably add it to my DVD collection and be patiently waiting for the New Moon movie.


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