Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesday Weigh In

DOWN 1.2!!! Last week it was all about portion control (except one dinner) and I am back doing yoga three times a week. This week I am going to really watch my water and make sure I am drinking the minimum.

Blog reader Jeannie had a great idea for portion control:
Make sure your meal/snack fits in the size of a sandwich zip lock bag. And anyhow, they say you should eat 5 times a day to increase your metabolism - its like eating every 3 hours!! Sometimes it feels that you're forcing yourself to eat but then its good for you.

And another good idea that she had, that I totally forgot about:
I force myself to drink a large class of water before i snack or eat my meal. This works! Sometimes our bodies cannot tell the difference from being hungry or are we really just thirsty?

This week has been all about cooking - must be the cold WET weather we have been having. Monday night I made acorn squash, Kirk was at a meeting so this was my opportunity to have it. If you have never tried acorn squash try this easy peasy recipe over at Pioneer Woman. I cut back on the butter and brown sugar and omitted the maple syrup. This is all I had for dinner - it was like having desert too!

Last night I tried out another Pioneer Woman recipe for Pot Roast. WOW - like she says: "...being tender and melt-in-your-mouth delicious." I cooked my chuck roast for about 4 hours and it was melting in your mouth. My picture does not do this meal justice...

I have a Le Creuset French oven (the pan) that I LOVE almost better than my slow cooker. What I really like about this oven is that you can do all searing on the stove top then put all the ingredients in and pop it in the oven. ONE pan is used instead of two!

My portion control for this meal was a serving of meat the size of my fist, carrots, onions and one spoon full of mash potatoes. Accompanied by 1.5 glasses of red wine; Rancho Sisquoc Cellar Select Meritage 2005.

So with the holidays approaching what are you going to do so you don't overeat for the next 8 weeks? I think having some really good portion control is going to go a long way. We can do this! :)


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