Monday, November 3, 2008

Weiner Dog Races

Sunday marked a pivotal moment in Amos' racing career and what a great way to retire in front of 57,000 football fans at Qwest stadium in Seatlle, WA. The morning started very early for us since we had to be in Seattle at 8:30 am for rehearsals. The Seahawks event team is a well oiled machine. Everything was rehearsed, from the announcer to three practice runs and the kids holding the banners. But nothing could have prepared us for the experience of walking onto the field at halftime when the stadium is full of football fans. The game was sold out and we also found out the the wiener races last year was voted as the favorite half time event!

Amos on the 50 yard line

The view from the tunnel - I wish I would have recorded the level of the noise. Qwest stadium is the loudest stadium in the NFL!

Amos ended up winning two of the three practice races. The third race he was rolled and attacked by another dog. He didn't win the final race but the experience alone was pretty amazing for Kirk and I!

Here is a link to a video from KOMO news in Seattle. Amos is 3rd from the left, lane 3.

A big THANK YOU to Sheri from Wiener Tales - she facilitated this whole thing and Ryan Madayag of the Seattle Seahawks. Great job!


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