Monday, December 15, 2008


Who would have thought that taking care of Hummingbirds would be a full time job in the winter? With our weather dropping into the teens this week we are on full Hummingbird defrost! At first we were just trying to thaw out the feeders by bringing them inside then putting them back out when they thawed. Well the hummers just can't wait - they would sit in the back or the front chirping away and I was in a panic because I know they need this nectar to stay alive in the cold weather. So finally we rushed to the bird store and bought duplicates of the feeders I have and we swap them out every hour and a half. Tomorrow they are calling for even colder temperatures so it may be every hour.

I was able to take this picture this afternoon and what amazes me is that there are actually three of them on one feeder. The bird guy says that they are extremely territorial and we have witnessed this, so maybe these are all from the same family?

This is a male - he has a gorgeous purple head.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


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