Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unhappy Dachshund on Ice Day

This is a picture of a very unhappy Dachshund

If he could talk: "Words cannot describe my embarrassment of being saddled with what mom calls protective dog booties. So wrong on so many levels." This coming from a dog who LOVES to dress up. This is Jesse sitting in his costume drawer

In this extreme NW weather we have been experiencing, the ice has been tearing up Jesse's paws. So I thought his booties would help him when he had to go outside. Jesse has super sensitive paws they are super soft and pink. I had these made for him and he HATES them - he wouldn't even move or look at us when we called his name.

I might be getting a corner eye look in this picture...

This is what we have been dealing with for days - the NW Arctic Freeze (news channel title)

The worst part of our weather is the layers of freezing rain that keep accumulating over the snow. They don't expect us to thaw out until Monday, late afternoon. I'm not complaining - we still have electricity. I don't have anywhere to go just yet and I am getting a lot done around the house. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!


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