Saturday, January 10, 2009

Detox Day Four

Still going strong on day four. I slept in today so I just started my regimen later.
  • lemon water
  • herbal tea
  • Mango and almond smoothie (recipe from GOOP)
  • coconut water
  • miso soup for lunch
  • hot oatmeal for snack
  • Tonight I was going to have salmon but decided to cook the other chicken breast I have.

I finally found a used upright exercise bike on! I have been searching since I started with the trainer because I need to be doing at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. Well since I am obviously a fair weather exerciser (at least that is one of my excuses) I was not getting out in our inclement weather. And walking my dogs really doesn't get my heart rate going. So I researched and researched all the different models and prices. Then trying to find a used or floor model at a great deal is like pulling teeth! Yesterday I found the ad for a Nordic Track U300 Upright exercise bike. I picked it up today and have it upstairs ready to go.

Right now since I am working with a trainer twice a week and going to the yoga studio at least three or four time a week I really can't justify a gym membership. We used to belong to a very nice gym and we loved giving them money every month and not going! I am hoping that with the trainer that I can get back on track and start doing more things outdoors (when the weather improves) and forgo the gym membership. I will show you tomorrow what I am using at home for the resistance/weight training in the house.

Because there are so many of us trying to get healthy. Here another to check out:

My friend Cathy is back on track with WW


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