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Daily Routine - Breakfast

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Update: Thank you for all the posts and great questions - I have updated this post in red  with some great information that I forgot to include.

I have received several inquiries about what my daily routine is. It's not rocket science but it works for me! When I can encompass everything into one day - it really is a good day. Sometimes I can only do half of the things and it still can be a good day. This week I am going to share with you the for sure things that I try to include in my daily routine. Then I will end each post with a fun giveaway!

Eating breakfast. Just a couple of years ago I was one who always skipped breakfast. I was either in a rush to get out of the house, wanted to sleep in (I am not a morning person!) or I thought it was cutting calories. All of those reasons were very poor excuses and once I worked in breakfast it has become second nature. This didn't happen overnight - I worked it into my schedule, at first only 3 days a week. I also came up with three different solutions depending on how I felt when I woke up or how much time I had.
First I always try to start with a warm glass of water with a half of lemon squeezed in it...

Quick - need it to go or just starting out...

Advocare meal replacement shake . I have been using this product for years. My trainer recommends it for people with busy schedules and also people who are trying to lose weight. It was actually a good way to work 'breakfast' into my day without a lot of work. It also came in handy for busy days and I didn't have time to stop for lunch. Which btw was very common for me to do; not only skip breakfast but skip lunch and then guess where I was headed at one or two pm??? The drivethru!

The shake solution also works for me because I don't have to have ingredients in my fridge. For those days that you need a really quick solution and don't want to skip that most important meal.

It has another convenience of portability! These packets go with me on every trip - so I can make really good decisions while on the road. That is usually where I fall off the wagon and find it hard to get back on when I get home. I highly recommend a shaker bottle, one that travels well. I use the Blender Bottle, but I know that Tupperware has a good one too. What I like about the Blender Bottle is the smaller 20 oz size and it's BPA Free.

This year I decided to become a distributor of Advocare
because I buy so much of it and I really do believe in the products. I
will talk more this week about the other stuff that I use.

Update: For fellow WW people the Advocare shakes are only 4 points!

Have a little time to enjoy your morning...

This is a smoothie recipe that my nutritionist gave me and it is one of my favorites. There are so many variations and twists that you can make with this. Using a hand blender (this is what I have):
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of Whole FAT yogurt (yes, whole fat - less sugar and you eat less of it! I am big fan of Nancy's organic) Now if you are trying or don't do dairy you can add 1 cup of almond/rice milk. Remember my detox days from January??!
  • Handful of berries (1/2 cup) I use frozen fruit because you want it 'slushy', my favorite is blueberries (costco) and mango (trader joes)
  • 1 to 3/4 scoop of WHEY protein powder (do not use soy based) I use the vanilla Trader Darwins Whey Protein Powder from Trader Joes because it is very inexpensive. Sorry, I know not everyone has a Trader Joes...just make sure whatever you get has no soy and don't pay over $12 for 16 oz
  • 1 scoop of Green's First - this is something that I added to this recipe, not neccessary. I get this from my esthetician and it insures that I get all of my vegetable/fruit servings and then some. It has helped my skin over the last three years!
  • Add a little bit of water - less than an 1/8 of cup, this is just to make it a little less thick
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil or flax seed oil. I do the flax seed oil because of less caloires and I need to get my Omega 3s
  • Then stir in 1 teaspoon of Psyllium whole husks, you can get this in the health food section. It is a fiber supplement. ONLY add this if you are committed to drinking your daily water intake for the day.
This is not a snack smoothie! With the whole yogurt, oil and protein powder you will be FULL, I promise. Play around with this recipe and once you do it once or twice you won't have to look at the directions and it should only take five minutes to make. This smoothie is what I usually have when I am not traveling. I have also been known to have it for lunch too!

Update: For fellow WW people this smoothie ranges in points depending on your variations, five to seven points.

To savor your morning...
Here are some options of what I do on the weekends or when it's cold and I just want something warm to start my morning. But you need time for this and ingredients in the house...
  • omlet with cheese, spinach and nitrate free bacon (this is easy to shop for: eggs, bag of shredded cheese, bag of spinach and quick trip to buy the bacon from the meat counter!) and if you want to get really fancy smoke salmon.
  • Gluten Free whole grain rolled oats by Bob's Red Mill with fruit

Update: Depending on my day I usually don't eat breakfast until 10am and then I eat lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6:30/7:00pm

Okay are you ready for the giveaway??!!!
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